Inhaled versus nebulised tobramycin: A real world comparison in adult cystic fibrosis


There are no published data on real-life clinical experience comparing inhaled antibiotic therapy via new rapid delivery systems with nebulised antibiotic therapy in CF. This real world study compares safety, effectiveness and tolerability using tobramycin inhaled powder (TIP) versus tobramycin inhaled solution (TIS).


Adult patients with CF commencing TIP (n=78) completed a questionnaire assessing safety, efficacy, tolerability, patient-satisfaction and self-reported adherence to TIS at baseline and during 12months of TIP therapy. FEV1% predicted and exacerbation rate were recorded at each visit.


There was a significant improvement in adherence scores, with a significant decrease in the number of intravenous antibiotic courses received during 12months of TIP compared with the preceding 12months using TIS. 94% of patients who had previously used TIS preferred TIP therapy over TIS.


Inhaled powder tobramycin in CF is associated with improved adherence, tolerability and decreased exacerbation rates compared to nebulised treatment in real-life practice.

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